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The Instagram hashtag guide for your wedding pictures

You’ve planned your dream wedding, got the perfect trousseau and are all set for your wedding day… what else do you need? Well, a bit of social media planning for your wedding pictures will go a long way in making them impactful in the right way and in the right group of people. Instagram is the modern way of sharing images with your loved ones, family, friends and the world in general. However even the most beautifully shot photographs are not enough to make your posts a hit.  Every Instagram post allows for up to 30 hashtags and if you can figure out which hashtag will amplify your post best, your wedding will be the new sensation on IG. We’ve got some pointers on how to plan your wedding picture hashtags, so you get it just right.

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  1. The four ”W”s

When? What? Who? Where? Approach the pictures with these four questions to get your initial list of hashtags.

When was the picture taken?

What is happening in the picture?

Who is featured in the picture?

Where was the picture taken?

For example, if it’s a picture of the wedding couple, at the marriage ceremony which is happening at a beach resort in Goa, then these are the hashtags you can create for it #indianbeachwedding #happycouple #happilymarried #weddingonthebeach #goawedding #destinationwedding. Remember not to make the hashtags too complicated and choose quality over quantity. Simple descriptions of the venue, person and activity happening in the picture, will make the post more successful.

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2. Be descriptive

This part involves a little bit of brainstorming and streamlining your vision for your wedding. Describe in appropriate adjectives, what you’re posting. If you’re sharing a photo of the bride’s friends and bridesmaids, then be sure to describe that in your hashtags. For example, #indianbridesmaids #familyphotosession #teambride #bridalparty.

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Be alert for other details like the theme of your wedding, the colour scheme and ambience. A vintage themed wedding could have hashtags like #vintageweddingtheme #indianvintagewedding #vintageweddingdecor #vintageweddingtablesetting

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3. Target like-minded people

If you admire a particular bridal magazine or IG profile page related to weddings, then be sure to tag them in your hashtags. They just might take notice and share your wedding images on their page. Perhaps other bride searching for inspiration will get inspired by your wedding pictures. There are also communities you can reach out to through your hashtags. For example, if you’re a Bengali bride and wish to connect with that community, you can put the hashtag #bengalibride in your posts. The idea is to mobilise a community of like-minded people to peruse your wedding photos.

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4. Include important branding details

A wedding includes several designer and branded details from the venue to the trousseau designer. Include them in your list of hashtags. For example, you can mention the designer of your wedding lehenga in one of the hashtags below a bridal portrait image or even the name of the wedding jewellery designer or brand. Similarly depending on what you wish to showcase in terms of the special details of your wedding, you can include the name of a special florist, gourmet caterer, renowned mehendi artists or famous wedding planner, etc in hashtags. Be sure to put the hashtags for relevant pictures only, as a generic list will not be appropriate. This means that the hashtag below an image should be relevant to the subject matter showcased in the picture. For example, if the picture is the bride’s close-up where she is wearing wedding jewellery from Rivaah by Tanishq, then the hashtags would be #bridalportrait #bridaljewellery #rivaahbytanishq #rivaahbride #weddingjewellerybytanishq

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5. Custom hashtags

A custom hashtag dedicated to your wedding is a wonderful idea to make your social media posts easily accessible to your family and guests. They can also use the same custom hashtag on any picture they post of your wedding. A custom hashtag is also a fun and easy way to build up excitement around your big day. Get your custom hashtag just perfect by including the wedding couples’ names or initials. Be sure to check if the hashtag already exists, in which case you can customize it by adding the year or date of the wedding day or venue. For example, #tanuwedsmanu #tanumanuwedding2019 #tanuwedsmanu2019goa. Just make sure that it’s easy to remember and to spell. Then share the hashtag with your wedding guests and watch as the community around your wedding pictures builds on Instagram.

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