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Most loved wedding pictures on Instagram

A wedding is a milestone event in a person’s life and marks the creation of a new family. In India a wedding has sentimental, social, traditional, cultural and religious value. It’s an event shared with friends and family, with many months of planning invested in it. The memories of this day last forever in our minds and also through the photographs captured. The late great designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld once said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

A certain amount of planning around the wedding pictures is necessary, so you can be sure to get the perfect images for posterity. The wedding day is a succession of curated photo opportunities and you should collaborate with the photographer to capture it flawlessly. Instagram also has an immense influence on the way a bride plans her wedding album, so we have a list of the most loved wedding images from Instagram to inspire you to get the perfect shots!

1.The demure bride

This shot involves a close up of the bride’s face with an idyllic demure expression, with a hint of shyness. A slight smile with downward facing eyes, perhaps playing with her veil or jewellery will do the trick.

Image source: hitchedandclicked;

2. The bride’s face through her veil

This frame is also a zoomed in image of the bride’s face, with the added variation of a transparent veil or dupatta covering her face. The fabric can be anything sheer, be it chiffon or tulle, with or without delicate embroidery. You can still see the bride’s facial features, but the layer of fabric adds that sense of mystery to the picture.

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3. The newlywed couple gazing at each other

Considering that the wedding day is all about the bride and the groom, it’s only natural that they are the centre of attention at the festivities and pictures alike. Nothing beats the candour of a couple in love, gazing fondly into each other’s eyes. The eyes are windows to the soul and on their wedding day the couple have a unique chemistry between them. This image works best when captured candidly and is a must-have for the wedding album.

Image source: shloka_mehta_official;

4. An artistic photo-portrait of the bride in all her glory

A wedding day is without doubt, the day of the bride. The bride’s looks is a vision to behold in her trousseau ensemble, complete with intricate jewellery and make-up. The final bridal look is the culmination of many months of research and planning. As this is a once in a lifetime moment, a mesmerising shot of the bride in all her glory is something to behold and cherish forever. Needless to say, wedding shots are unfinished without an artistic solo shot of the blushing bride. Inspired by existing trends on Instagram, head-to-toe shots that capture the entire bridal ensemble, against a floral or architectural backdrop are in-vogue.

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5. The bride with her girl-gang

The bride’s closest friends form an all-important part of her wedding. From lending a helping hand in getting her ready to becoming the life of the party, a wedding would be absolutely incomplete without their shenanigans. And what would be a better way to commemorate them, than with delightful pictures of the entire posse with the bride! Whether you are a bride-to-be or are preparing to be a bridesmaid in the near future, bookmark this photography idea with a group-shot theme in mind.

Image source: sonamkapoor;

6. The bride with her mother

The bond between a mother and daughter is inexplicable. They are best friends; they fight and also love each other unconditionally. The wedding day is a bittersweet moment as the daughter transitions to womanhood, while also moving to a separate home of her own. It’s only natural for the bride to want a lovely memory with her mother on the most important day of her life, which is why pictures of the inseparable duo are much loved on Instagram. Create one for your wedding day by going candid as your mother helps you get ready, or as you both converse and laugh together, like the buddies that you are. You could also create portrait style image with your mother, in a loving pose. Either way, these pictures are bound to be the most priceless of them all.

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7. Phera ceremony shots

There are some signature moments at a wedding ceremony that signify the marital union of the bride and groom. One such ceremony in a Hindu wedding is the 7 pheras, which involves walking around the sacred fire in the mandap. Pictures of the bride and groom walking around the holy fire are highly popular on Instagram as it as it captures the promise of a lifelong commitment and gives an opportunity to showcase the beautiful Mandap set up!

Image source: indian__wedding;

8. Varmala exchange shots

 In most weddings, the exchange of these garlands can be a fun-filled affair, with both the bride and the groom’s families participating in it. Images capturing these candid moments make for some memorable Instagram-worthy pictures.

Image source: exclusivelyyours.wc;

9. The wedding couple laughing together

What is a wedding without some fun in it? As the couple commences on the journey of a lifetime together, there are happy and joyful in love. There are bound to be some truly fun and spontaneous moments that are delightful, without being planned. A photographer with a good eye will capture these candid moments of joy, which are immensely popular on Instagram. Snapshots of the bride and groom laughing with joy as they embark on the path of holy matrimony, are simply irreplaceable.

Image source: deepikapadukone;

10. Candid shot of the bride and groom walking together

Image source: filmfare;

Small gestures make a big difference. The little things like loving body-language, contribute to an everlasting wedding memory. Holding hands, though understated, is an expressive way to show your constant love and support for your better half. There is a certain discreet beauty in this gesture as it symbolizes the love and support a couple give each other.  The bride and groom walking together, holding hands is a subtly romantic image that will surely make the IG world go awe!

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