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10 common mistakes made by brides at their weddings

A bride always wants her wedding day to be the most perfect, beautiful and memorable day of her life. Planning a wedding can bring a lot of pressure as there are many elements to get right. The last thing you want to do is look back at what is supposed to be the best day of your life and regret an avoidable mistake. Even the most vigilant bride can be steered off plan, so steer clear of these common errors made by brides before.

  1. Planning two big ceremonies on the same day

Sometimes for logistic or financial reasons, it might seem like a good idea to have two big ceremonies on the same day. However this may work well. Anjali Anand was a Punjabi girl marrying a Christian man, so she had two wedding ceremonies planned. The first was a white church wedding and the second was a Punjabi style Hindu ceremony. She says, “I was so excited about both my wedding ceremonies, but made the mistake of planning them on the same day. I had the Christian wedding in the morning and the Hindu one in the evening. My day started at 5 am and ended at 1 am the next morning. It was exhausting and chaotic, with too much to cram into a single day. Even the wedding guests had lost enthusiasm by the evening.”

2. Over-accessorizing

In an attempt to be the star of their wedding, brides can sometimes end up dressing over the top. The bridal ensemble will work its magic, without unnecessary and odd accessories. Apart from jewellery, avoid any heavy hair accessory that may poke or cause an uncomfortable feeling on your scalp.  Large awkward bouquets or handbags are impossible to clutch gracefully and end up over-powering the wedding ensemble. When Sania Mirza’s sister, Anam Mirza got married, she accessorized her bridal look with an eye-catchingly large, batuwa style bag that looked out of place and distracted from the rest of her look. When choosing bridal accessories, do keep in mind the entire ensemble.

3. Not planning a makeup trial before the wedding

For your makeup, plan what works best for your skin-tone and features. Remember to test the skill of your makeup artist, ahead of time. When Pooja Babu planned her wedding, she chose a makeup artist based on his portfolio and unfortunately, she wasn’t happy with her bridal makeup. She says, “The makeup artist made me look three shades lighter than my natural skin tone and went very heavy with the lipstick and eye makeup. The end result was not good and now I cringe looking at my wedding pictures. I could have avoided this if I had done a makeup trial.”   It’s best to work on a plan with your hair and makeup pros, which involves a trial, this way you will know what to expect and whether you need to consider replacing your vendor.

4. Not sharing expectations with the photographer ahead of the ceremonies

Choose a wedding photographer based on his portfolio and share a detailed list of the day’s schedule and the who’s who for family portraits. Newly married bride Reema Singh told us, “In the chaos of my wedding I never got an individual full length shot of me dressed as a bride. It was a big disappointment and I can’t do anything about it now.” Have a list of absolutely must-have shots, to avoid any regrets in the future. These early discussions will set the tone for the overall look of your wedding album and result in less stress as you go through the process

5. Not getting enough sleep

The week before the big day is the most stressful, leaving some brides in a tense state. Sleep can be illusive which leads to emotional and physical exhaustion. Grace Koshy was one such bride who was highly sleep-deprived on her wedding day. She says, “I was so tired even before my wedding ceremony began and couldn’t enjoy my own wedding day. It just went by in a blur.” A bride needs to look and feel fresh on her wedding day, so adequate rest at night is absolutely crucial. A relaxing massage or some meditation should help you get good quality sleep.

6. Experimenting with skin treatments just before the wedding

Regular exfoliation before a wedding is a must-do for modern brides. Done through chemical peels, deep pore facials or laser, exfoliation removes a layer of dead cells from the skin’s surface. Choose beautician months before your wedding so you can take several test runs with enough time to recover from any skin reaction. Your final appointment should be a week before wedding, to allow for any redness to subside. Shruti Giri had a bad experience with a glycolic facial just before her wedding. She advises, “Don’t do any new or abrasive skin treatment close to your wedding day. I had to rush to the dermatologist after that bad facial and had to apply steroid creams to settle the redness.”

7. Not seeking too much feedback from others

Before tapping into collective wisdom and opinions of your family and friends, take time to think about the type of celebration you want. Most brides experience some conflict of opinion with parents or future in-laws during the planning process. The solution could be a frank and firm explanation of her decisions. Preeti Barbera was a bride who found herself in an awkward conflict over the wedding venue with her in-laws. She says, “It’s not an easy conversation to have, but discuss what exactly you want, at an early stage.” She explains how she spoke with her mother-in-law to-be about it. “I first thanked her for the nice things she has done for me for the wedding, but then gently told her that I wanted the venue for the wedding in a central location, as my friends and family would find it easier.” Make a list of no-compromise elements for your wedding and then inform your family, without trying to please everyone.

8. Not setting a trousseau budget

It’s prudent to plan for a reasonable budget for your wedding trousseau. Priyanka Roy was a bride who didn’t and regrets it. She says, “When I started shopping for my bridal outfits, I went to the designer stores without any idea of what I should spend. There were so many choices that I got confused and ended up spending much more than I should have. I didn’t do enough research and the same lehenga I bought was sold at a big discount a month later by the same store, during sale season.” While it’s logical that some surprise expenses will come up, creating a fine-tuned budget, laying out a well-planned timeline and paying extreme attention to detail, is key.

9. Ignoring elements of functionality and quality in the wedding trousseau

Plan your dream trousseau with a list of the no-compromise details that you must have for your wedding look. Include elements like ‘comfort while sitting’ and avoid choosing cheaper fabrics and tailoring. Manasi Poddar, thought she had the perfect wedding lehenga. She says, “I chose a lehenga which looked exactly like the one worn by a Bollywood actress. I didn’t ask about the material or fabric, but focused entirely on just re-creating the same look. At my reception one of my heels got caught in the fabric and I tripped, resulting in a really big tear. My lehenga was ruined and so was my mood”

10. Matching everything in the bridal look

When you dress yourself, you don’t normally match everything, from your clothes and accessories, to your make-up. An overly matched wedding look isn’t fashion forward and a matchy-matchy styling choice attracts attention for the wrong reasons.  It takes away from other salient elements, so a bit of contrast creates the right balance of colours. Incorporate a favourite colour in your wedding ensemble, but accent it with complimentary shades. For example with a gold lehenga, opt for jewellery that has elements of colour with of emeralds or rubies. Similarly if your wedding sari is purple, then avoid a purple eye shadow in the same shade.

The modern bride is a progressive, confident and optimistic woman, who is aware and informed of her options. Get your wedding day, just right with a mix of research, planning and managing personal expectations. Many brides can count on at least one detail that did not go according to plan. The key is to let that happen and still enjoy the day. Prioritize your personal happiness and satisfaction over those of others, to create a truly memorable wedding!

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