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‘Must-ask questions’ to plan the perfect beach wedding

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There’s nothing like a dreamy setting of a blue ocean and wide expanse of sky, as the backdrop for your wedding. A major advantage of having a beach wedding is that the natural beauty automatically sets the stage for a romantic ceremony for your nuptials. Of course, there are a few elements you’ll need to pay attention to, to perfect your big day on the beach. Beach weddings are a unique choice to host an Indian wedding and require some special considerations in the planning phase. Here are some must-ask questions to get it right…

  1. What time of day is the ceremony?

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The ocean presents a most gorgeous setting, so you should consider having your wedding during daylight hours. When the sun sets, the water goes black and unless you have a full moon, the backdrop of the sea is lost. However, try to avoid the harshest sunlight, which occurs between 10am to 3pm. During these hours the intensity and heat of the sun is at its peak and it can get uncomfortable for both you and your guests. In case this time slot is unavoidable, plan adequate shade with the help of a wedding tent or canopy.

2. Do you need a sound system?

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While the sound of waves is part of a seaside ambience, they can overpower the wedding ceremony with your guests finding it difficult to hear the proceedings. For the actual wedding ceremony, you may need to consider having a sound system that will relay the ceremony with clarity to your guests. In addition, discuss wind guards for mikes, so that you don’t have the background disturbance of the sound of the wind.

3. Will you need any permits?

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Depending on the beach you select for your wedding, there may or may not be some kind of permits to be acquired. Different sections of the seaside have their own rules and regulations and it’s important to enquire about them. Even if you are planning your beach wedding at a private resort, the beach itself may or may not be a private beach. This means that the beachfront may not be owned by the resort and so may come under government rules. In such cases a permit or licence needs to be procured in advance, for hosting a wedding. There may also be an additional cost factor to getting this paperwork done, so it’s best to be prepared in advance.

4. Are there options for your guests’ stay during the wedding?

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When you host a beachside wedding, chances are your guests will have to travel to this destination and their stay needs to be planned. The beach you choose for your wedding may or may not be a part of a private resort. It’s a good idea to check around in the same neighbourhood and provide at least two options for your guests, so they have a choice for where they should stay. As budgets preferences differ, it would be prudent to provide guests with options. You may even be able to get a discount if your guests stay at the same hotel as you, so check for that as well.

5. Is the wedding planner designing wind-proof décor?

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The wedding planner will need to plan your wedding décor to suit the outdoor setting of a beach ceremony, especially in windy locations. This means you may want to think twice about super lavish drapes, towering candles or even billowing ribbons and balloons, as they may end up getting blown away by the wind. Request your wedding planner to use sturdy décor and avoid breakable items. Ensure that the décor elements are functional for a beach setting.

At the end of the day, this is your dream wedding and you need a good mix of atmosphere and functionality. Plan your special day with a few pragmatic considerations and it should be exactly the way you dreamt it to be. Get creative and use your imagination to make the beach wedding of your dreams a reality!

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