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Destination Weddings – The Pros and Cons

The fantasy of having a destination wedding is something that tempts every bride-to-be. Destination weddings have an exotic vibe to them whether it’s at a beautiful beach, a different country or even a snowy hillside. Deciding to have a destination wedding requires a ton of research and a whole lot of planning. Before you decide, consider the pros and cons of having a destination wedding…

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1.Intimate affair

If you wish to have a cosy wedding with fewer guests, then a destination wedding is the answer. You and your fiancé can focus entirely on each other, making your wedding experience a more meaningful one. With a fewer headcount of guests there will be a lot less drama, thus allowing you to enjoy your special day with your closest friends and relatives. The destination wedding venue can be a place which resonates with you and your spouse to-be, making your ceremony that much more evocative.

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2.Wedding cum honeymoon

Your wedding destination can also double as a honeymoon destination. This will cut costs and effort, as you can effortlessly slip into vacation mode with your new spouse. Zero travel time will ensure a seamless transition into a romantic honeymoon, so you can straight away relax after all the months of planning. This also works for couples who wish to include their friends on their honeymoon. As your near and dear ones will already be at the destination for your wedding, you could choose to include a small group of them to continue on with your honeymoon, thereby making it a buddymoon. A destination wedding gives you these options to choose from.

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3.More affordable

One of the major advantages of a destination wedding is that most resorts have ‘all-inclusive’ packages. This will include stay for guests, meals, wedding décor, photographer and event planning. As soon as you freeze on a wedding destination, the resort will assign a wedding planner who will take over all the arrangements. This will come at a package deal which works out cheaper than paying for vendors separately. The resort in question will also have previous weddings as templates for your reference. This makes it easier to know exactly what to expect.  In addition, as the planning is centralized it is a lot less stressful.

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4. Instagram friendly

The right wedding location can be beautiful and memorable for you as a couple in the years to come. A destination wedding will guarantee a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and ensure a unique visual vibe. Exotic wedding destinations, in particular, make for great pictures and these will make your wedding trend on social media. So, if you want to make an impact on Instagram, a destination wedding is the perfect choice for you.

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1.Low Attendance

Even though the wedding couple hosts guests at their destination wedding, the travel expenses are borne by the guests. Depending on where you choose to have your destination wedding and related travel affordability, some of the guests may not be able to attend. Older relatives might also find the distance and travel inconvenient. Work and school commitments also might interfere with your guests’ availability, depending on the dates of your wedding ceremony. So be sure to check with your must-have list of guests before deciding on a destination wedding. Also send out save-the-date notifications at least six months in advance so your guests can plan accordingly.

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A destination wedding requires a lot of paperwork in different forms. Especially for an international destination, visas, passport validity, licences and permits need to be considered in advance. Tickets and travel arrangements including medical insurance, need to be completed well in advance. This can turn into a logistic challenge and needs a whole lot of planning. Contracts with the resort of your choice will also need to be studied in detail before signing, as the rules and regulations might be different from your expectations. The pre-wedding planning for a destination wedding is much more detailed with regards to paperwork. Choosing a local wedding planner will help tremendously in reducing your stress with regards to this.

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3. Planning Challenges

Apart from the travel preparations, a destination wedding has other planning challenges. You will have to travel to the venue at least once before the wedding, to make sure you know what to expect on your important day. This is an additional cost and following the initial trip, you will be coordinating everything from afar. You will have to simply trust that the food will be delicious, and the wedding flowers will be fresh. Many similar variables will also be known to you only at the last minute, when you’re actually there for your wedding. To ensure this goes smoothly you must research before shortlisting your wedding venue. This includes looking up reviews of previous couples who have hosted their wedding at the same place.

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4. Unpredictability

Even with the best made plans, there is an element of unpredictability with a destination wedding. Airline delays, weather conditions and last-minute cancellations can be risky factors. If you plan to take your make-up and mehendi artist with you on the trip, be sure to have back-ups in case someone falls ill at the last minute. Lost baggage can also turn into a nightmare because your wedding trousseau is an all-important element at the ceremony. It would be a good idea to carry expensive items in your hand baggage and also invest in travel insurance. If you plan to have any of your ceremonies in the outdoors, speak to the resort or hotel about back up arrangements in case the weather doesn’t co-operate.

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Destination weddings are trending with millennial couples as they wish to invest in a truly unique experience. Both for them and their guests, a destination wedding allows for a momentous way to commemorate the start of a new family. Detailed research and the power of anticipation can be your best friends in this journey to have a dream wedding!

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