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8 tips to plan the perfect honeymoon

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1.Best time to take your honeymoon

It is traditional to leave for your honeymoon soon after the wedding, but a slight shift from this mind-set can help improve the quality of your honeymoon. In terms of timing your honeymoon, there are several factors to consider like the leave time you can get from work, weather at your chosen honeymoon destination and also budgeting. If you have already taken too much leave from work for your wedding, it might be a good idea to delay your honeymoon by a few months. This will ensure you don’t have a big backlog of work to return to and you can commit to a longer duration for your romantic getaway. Depending on your tastes, your honeymoon destination may not have the most favourable weather during the same time period as your wedding. It would be smart to have your honeymoon when weather conditions are the most favourable to ensure a lovely time. Sometimes certain time periods of the year see a spike in travel fare and hotel rates based on school holidays or major festivals. Time your honeymoon so as to avoid these dates, so you get the most out of your budget and you’ll avoid the heavy holiday crowds too.

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2.Fix a budget before choosing your destination

When you decide on your honeymoon destination you should consider a few aspects about the location. The first and most important aspect is the budget. You could discuss this with your fiancé and arrive at a mutually acceptable budget, before deciding where to go. There are several scenic honeymoon destinations, both in India and abroad that suit a wide range of budgets. Your budget should cover everything from travel, stay, meals and airport transfers. Once these elements are in place and paid for, then you can relax and look forward to a dream honeymoon. Do remember to research various options online for competitive prices, as you can get the same air ticket or hotel stay at lower prices on various websites. This way you’ll be sure to get the most out of your budget.

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3.Best place for your honeymoon – weather and vibe!

Another important element to enjoying your honeymoon is favourable weather. Depending on when you are travelling for your honeymoon, do check the weather forecast for your travel dates in advance. Nothing worse than going to a beach destination and it ends up raining the whole time you’re there. What about vibe? …well that depends on what you want from your honeymoon. If you envision a relaxed and romantic trip, then make sure the hotel you choose offers a similar ambience. If you want a party atmosphere with opportunities for socialising, then maybe going on a cruise is the perfect honeymoon for you. Profile your needs as a couple and your combined vision of a dream honeymoon, then start planning the venue for your dream trip.

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4. Plan your activities, excursions, and experiences

Depending on where you’re going for your honeymoon, research the must-see spots of that particular place. If there is a historical monument or natural wonder, you will surely want to include them on your trip’s itinerary. Other must-do experiences could include anything from adventure sports to an exotic cooking class. You could even designate particular days of your honeymoon to cover these experiences. A honeymoon doesn’t need to be just about romantic sunsets and private dinners… it can be anything you want it to be. Incorporate your personal interests as a couple to your post-wedding holiday.  It will be a great way to bond with your new spouse and give your honeymoon memories more depth.

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5. Try to upgrade your trip

Once your honeymoon planning is done, you can try and upgrade your flight seats for a better experience. Airlines are interested in earning revenue from business and first-class upgrades as opposed to giving them to frequent fliers. This means that you could upgrade your flight ticket for a little extra money.  The airline will offer you the chance to buy an upgrade at check-in which will probably be far lower than its original price. To make the most of this loop-hole, check with the airline a few days before your flight and check-in early at the 24-hour mark. Another way of scoring an upgrade is to check with your airline if your flight has been over booked or if there are seats available in business class. You should do this at check-in time, so if there is last minute availability you could avail the upgrade at a major discount. Another little trick is to dress well for your flight, then share your good news of being on your honeymoon with the flight staff. You can hope that if there are seats available they might just upgrade you at no extra cost.

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6.Functional details

Booking your tickets and hotel stay is simply not enough to have a perfect honeymoon. A seamless experience will keep stress at bay, so make sure to invest time to plan the little functional details. These include airport transfers, check-in time at the hotel and your room view. All airports have taxi services, but it’s unwise to wait last minute to figure out your airport transfers. You shouldn’t be looking around for a taxi at the correct price, just as your land for your honeymoon. Instead book a taxi in advance and maybe even check with your hotel if they offer this service. Another important element is check-in time. Many hotels will accommodate a request for an early check-in based on the time you arrive. However, they need to be informed about this, a few days before your arrival. No point waiting around for an hour or more to check in to your room, when a simple bit of planning can help you avoid the hassle. Your hotel should also be contacted to ensure a good view from your room. A nice view from your room will play an important part in having a pleasant stay during your honeymoon. Inquire with the hotel in advance about which room you would be getting and mention that you would like one with a nice view.

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7. Romantic Surprises

You will surely plan your honeymoon with your fiancé, but you could add an element of romance by planning some special romantic surprises. Collaborate with your hotel to create a few special moments for you and your new spouse. Put in a little bit of thought and planning which will go a long way in creating delightful memories. A special dinner featuring your partner’s favourite foods, a couples’ massage, a private wine tasting or a special sunset experience… are a few ideas of what you could plan as a romantic surprise.

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A honeymoon is a wonderful opportunity for you and your spouse to relax after months of wedding planning. All the hectic stress of micro-managing the wedding and your family’s expectations will be long behind you, so be sure to enjoy yourself and relax. Soak up the privacy and relaxed pace to rejuvenate your mind and bond with your partner. There could be a few hiccups on your honeymoon, but the trick is to relax and not sweat the small stuff. Don’t worry too much about capturing every single moment on camera, but instead bring awareness to the moment and be mindful of this experiential holiday. Unwind and take the time to just soothe your mind, body and soul.

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A honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime and you deserve a perfect one. Don’t outsource your honeymoon planning to a relative or friend. This is something very personal and requires your attention. Priorities elements that you must have and then work backwards to include other frills. Most of all… just have fun!

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