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7 Important questions to ask when visiting a potential destination wedding venue

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Once you have decided to have a destination wedding, the next step is to choose an ideal venue at the destination of your choice. Before making this important decision, you would ideally visit a few options of wedding venues, like different resorts or hotels. You should make an informed decision, so it’s best to prepare a list of queries for your venue tour. We have listed out some pertinent questions that a bride should ask when she is considering a destination wedding venue.

1. Do you allow outside vendors?

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You must ask if your venue has an in-house vendor list that they prefer or if you could bring in external vendors of your choice. This is especially important for elements like wedding décor, photography, music and entertainment. It’s possible that the venue policy allows for you to bring in your desired teams from home, so you can have the best of both worlds. However, if they only allow a select list of service providers you must ask for their work profile and portfolio of previous weddings.

2.What are the weather conditions like on the day of the wedding and are there back-ups in case of unseasonal rain?

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Even the best laid wedding plans can be ruined with bad weather. If you’re planning a wedding ceremony outdoors you must enquire about the kind of weather to expect and what are the chances of unseasonal rain. It’s also a good idea to plan a back-up and ask about suitable provisions at the potential venue. This will avoid a last-minute scramble in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

3.What’s the package discount you can offer on room tariffs?

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During most destination weddings, the ceremony is held at a resort or hotel. The bridal party and some guests would prefer to stay at this same hotel, so check for discounts offered for bulk bookings. Some hotels will expect a guarantee of a minimum number of rooms and nights, in order to provide a discounted room rate. In which case, a package rate would be offered, and you can then compare it with your other options. This will help you anticipate the total budget well in advance. In addition to ambience and aesthetic beauty, a destination wedding venue must be able to fit in to your designated budget.

4.What is the cancellation and refund policy?

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Once you have chosen your wedding venue, you would have to block the space with an advance. Check with the management about their policy in case of cancellation or change of dates. The same terms need to be included in the contract you sign, when you block dates for your wedding. Your interests should also be covered in case the hotel or resort cancels your reservation last minute. These eventualities rarely happen, but it’s better to be prepared and know their refund protocol.

5. Which wedding related vendors have worked at the same venue before?

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There is good possibility that the venue you are considering has hosted other weddings before yours. It’s prudent to ask about wedding related vendors who have provided services for the same venue before. They would have the necessary experience of the space and its infrastructure, thereby improving efficiency and accessibility. You could also check with the venue about the rates charged by these vendors, so that you have all the information you need.

6.Are there any additional licenses or permissions required for live music, alcohol, etc?

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Every country or even city has their own set of rules regarding events that include music, dance and alcohol. There may be certain permissions or licenses to be obtained in advance and required by law. These can be an unpleasant last-minute surprise and may include some amount of monetary outflow. It’s prudent to ask about this at an early stage, so you can choose a venue that will provide the most effortless experience.

7. Can they do a tasting menu for your wedding buffet?

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When you choose to have a destination wedding, you will need to ensure that your wedding guests are hosted well. This includes a marvellous meal at your wedding. The potential venue for your wedding will most probably have in-house catering, so ask for a tasting menu in advance. This means that you will get to try the food from a sample menu, so you can ensure great taste. An added advantage is that you can make suggestions to be added to the menu and its presentation, on your wedding day. Knowing what your guests will get to eat in advance, will put any concerns to rest and help you choose the best venue for your wedding.

Selecting a destination wedding venue can be a challenging task with so many delightful options available. Prepare yourself with crucial information and the key details will help shortlist your choices until you find the right one for you.

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