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Know your bridal personality according to the zodiac

Every bride is unique and beautiful in her own way. However, your zodiac does have an influence on your personality and what kind of bride you will be. Let’s explore each sign of the zodiac to figure out your bridal personality


Very independent, free-spirited and fun, the Aries bride is a beacon of positivity. An Aries bride has a modern aesthetic and loves things with sleek, clean lines. She embodies the element of fire and is a living flash of life. So, she will bring that same element of energy into planning her wedding. She should decide what’s on her ‘no compromise’ list and be selective about wedding priorities. This way she can choose to compromise on the rest and hold on to what’s really important to her.


A Taurian woman is the personification of an earth goddess. She is feminine and enjoys the finer things of life, while also harbouring a deep respect and regard for nature. Determined, resilient and self-reliant, a Taurian bride will achieve anything she sets her mind to. She will bring her sense of fine aesthetic to her wedding, but with an earthy and organic twist. A Taurian bride has high expectations and she’s going to make sure she plans her wedding well, right down to the finishing touches. Patience and calm are her strong points.


Women born under this sign will inspire you with their capacity to always see the wonder in the world. They are great conversationalists and radiate an innocent glow, with a playful personality. TheGeminian bride wants a large wedding gathering with family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Geminian women are really good at mixing aesthetics, and their wedding theme will reflect this. She always has her finger firmly on the pulse of what’s cool now and her tastes will reflect this knowledge.


TheCancerian bride is bold, emotional, a lover of beauty and good food. This water sign is ruled by the phases of the moon and her mood can be mercurial. A Cancerian woman loves tradition and her wedding ceremony will pay homage to her culture and family’s rituals. She also loves water bodies and is most likely to have a beach wedding. A team player, a Cancerian bride will work well within a group and will help support the wedding planner, with her own efforts as well. She cherishes emotionally meaningful touches.


The Leo woman is a majestic lioness and takes ownership for her inner strength. Her bold nature is reflected in her tastes and she tends to prefer an over-the-top aesthetic. A Leo bride is self-confident, heartfelt, stylish and the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. She wants her wedding to be nothing short of spectacular and will plan it accordingly. The Leo bride dazzles her guests and aims to have a truly epic wedding.


Libran ladies are playful, adventurous and spontaneous. On the other hand, they are also very balanced and strike the right balance with a sensible approach. The Libran bride is a romantic and loves all things ‘fairytale’. She will want a romantic wedding but will plan out the practical aspects in fine detail. She hates negativity and will be cool under pressure. The Libran woman lives in a fantasy world and wants her nuptials to be nothing short of enchanted.


The Virgo woman is super charming, with a potent of combination of intellect and beauty. She is meticulous and has a great eye for detail. A Virgo bride is a bit shy and will not work towards drawing attention to her. She is an efficient multi-tasker and will plan everything thoroughly. She needs to know exactly how each detail of her wedding will play out and will anticipate every task in advance. Blessed with a natural grace, the Virgo bride tends to prefer intimate and cosy weddings.


A Scorpion lady has a very magnetic personality. She enjoys deep and meaningful relationships with her family but is not overly expressive about her emotions. A Scorpio bride adores an exotic aesthetic and will probably choose a wedding theme to match. She wishes for a poignant ceremony filled with originality. A Scorpio woman is self-assured and sexy, and this will show in her bridal aesthetic as well. She chooses bold and striking designs with interesting details.


The Sagittarius woman is easy-going, friendly, bohemian and excited about life. She is deeply authentic in her communication and has an attractive, confident appeal. The Sagittarian bride is passionate and highly opinionated about what she wants from her wedding ceremony. She is very pro-active and will work to have what she desires. Her tastes are eclectic and reflect her life experiences, like where she has travelled. A degree of patience will be needed when dealing with a Sagittarian bride.


A Capricornian woman is an energetic powerhouse. She is stern on the outside, but highly emotionally sensitive on the inside. She has the intellect of an old soul and doesn’t suffer fools. The Capricornian bride is well organised and does her research ahead of planning her wedding.  She has a clear idea of what she wants and is not amenable to compromise. Although conventional in their tastes, they have keen interest in art, music and culture.


Dazzling, passionate, charming and eccentric, an Aquarian woman is an effervescent beauty. She radiates a cool glow and thinks outside of the box. An Aquarian bride will lean towards a classic and sophisticated aesthetic. She loves luxurious touches and her wedding ceremony will reflect this. She has many friends from diverse backgrounds but will lean towards a more private ceremony.


A Pisces lady is emotionally sensitive and empathic, with a much-heightened sense of intuition. She senses the mood of people around her and makes adjustments accordingly. She is very kind, a dreamer and will try her best to take into consideration, everyone’s point of view. This will make it challenging for her to plan her wedding, as too many opinions can be very confusing. A Pisces bride is the ultimate romantic and she will wish for a dreamy wedding.

Every bride is unique and has her own wedding style… even if they are from the same zodiac. However, their zodiac sign does influence bridal tastes and inspires what they would want, and what they should choose for their wedding day. So, keep in mind that you were born on a special day and the planetary positions on that day could impact your aesthetic palette.

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