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How to plan the best photo booth at your mehndi or sangeet

A unique photo booth can be a big crowd pleaser at a pre-wedding function like the mehndi or sangeet. The guests are dressed to the nines and everyone is in the mood for fun. A photo booth allows your friends and family to pose for some cool shots and take home great memories of that day. Wondering how to create the perfect photo booth? Plan the photo booth in steps, so you have awesome Instagram worthy clicks

Choose a theme

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This is the significant first step to executing a successful photo booth. You could continue the theme of your mehndi or sangeet for your photobooth as well, but also choose one that’s imaginatively unique. Some creative themes include floral fiesta, royal maharaja, vintage nostalgia or Bollywood kitsch. Once you decide on one, you can address each element of the photo booth to best match it. For examples a royal maharaja theme, can be created with a large faux gold frame, a brocade silk fabric backdrop and a throne like chair. Include props like a maharaja’s turban, dainty crowns and imitation swords for guests to try out. The guests in their beautiful Indian ensembles will really look like royalty, when photographed in this royal themed photo booth. A theme will help you have a distinct flavour to the photo booth images and will be your signature touch to the memories made by the guests at your wedding.

Textured Backdrop

The backdrop of a photo booth is an important element for creating a great photo booth. It serves two purposes where the first use of the backdrop is to communicate the theme. So, if you have a floral fiesta theme, you could create a backdrop of an entire wall covered in flowers. Alternately a vintage theme can have faded water colour scenery painted on the backdrop or a back-to-school theme could have a large chalkboard, where the guests could write messages before being photographed against it. The second purpose of the backdrop is to create a sense of perspective in the photographs, so the images have a complete look.  Visually speaking textured surfaces photograph well on backdrops, to try to get creative with the use of material when planning the milieu. Woven jacquard fabrics, water colour painted paper, coarse jute, satin drapes and foliage walls work well in this regard. Do plan for a larger backdrop that can include up to three or four people at a time. This will be nice to get more people in front of the camera for fun group shots.

Foreground perspective

In photography, the foreground is the portion of the frame that is closest to the camera. Once you have chosen a theme and backdrop, it’s important to keep the foreground in mind and style it for maximum impact. You can place props between the camera and backdrop to create the desired mood.  Explore options like large glass lanterns, dream-catchers, flower garlands, balloons or even a ribbon cascade. Additional props to sit on like ornamental chairs or a vintage scooter can also be added. However, these are restrictive, as guests will not be able to pose freely, and the photos might look repetitive.

Quirky props for the guests

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A photo booth is fun for of all ages, and it’ll give your guests something to do when they need a break from the long ceremonies and rituals. Amplify the fun quotient at your wedding with quirky props for guests, to pose with at the photo booth. It’s about creating a joyful atmosphere that inspires good pictures and interesting ideas. If you want a sense of humour in the photos opt for crazy hats, moustaches, sunglasses and novelty props that you can find in a party store. For a classy vibe, choose empty ornamental wooden frames, painted in the colours of your wedding. These are great props to hold and pose with. If you’d like a vintage vibe rent props from an antique store like an old gramophone, a typewriter or antique telephone. Guests can pose with or pretend to use these objects for a nostalgic feel. Dialogue boards are also a popular choice of prop for a wedding photo booth.With lines like “Ladkiwale”, “Queen”, “Mr.Perfect”, “Shaadi2019”, etc you’re sure to capture some unique images.


You don’t need to understand photography to discuss lighting with your wedding photographer. Good lighting will play a huge role in the success of your photo booth because everyone who poses there will want to look good. It’s important to have soft diffused lighting when shooting people because it is the most flattering. Even if there is daylight, depending on the time of day there could be shadows caused on the facial features. For example, overhead sunlight can create shadows under the eyes. A good solution is to have a light right behind the camera to reduce shine and shadows. Have some photos you love as samples to explain to the photographer, the kind of lighting you would like for your photo booth.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so be sure to commemorate this day with a customized touch to the photo booth. As your guests snap a few shots, a photo booth can be a great ice breaker for guests who don’t know many people at your wedding or who haven’t seen each other for a while. A fun and imaginative photo booth will let them remember the occasion with some great images.

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