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Different bridal looks from South India

The south of India is a microcosm of different cultures and this is reflected most distinctively in the bridal styling of each state. Weddings are extravagant and south Indian brides are the real focal point of this wow-inducing event. The gorgeous clothes and intricate jewellery of the bride from each South Indian state, is uniquely beautiful and symbolic. Just imagine that the temple goddesses have come to life.. that’s what the South Indian bride is all about! Steeped in heritage and traditions, we would like to introduce the bridal looks from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.

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The Tamil bride

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The Tamil bride is a sight to behold as her look truly embodies the goddess Laxmi. She is draped in a brightly coloured Kanjeevaram sari, with real gold zari, woven into it. The Tamil bride is heavily decorated with gold jewellery from head to toe, creating a truly dazzling look. Her head is decorated like a work of art, starting with the hair, which is styled in a long plait that is decorated with flowers. Over this, a jewelled hair accessory called the Jadanagam or hair serpent is fastened, which adorns the bride’s plait to its whole length. Her head is also adorned with a maangteeka with a matha patti and long earrings. Traditional gold jewellery inspired by the different Gods and Goddesses, in multi-layer necklaces is a signature look of a Tamil bride. On her waist a Tamil bride wears an Oddiyanam or heavy gold waist belt which cinches the waist in a bejewelled way. Most often depicting the Goddess Laxmi, this ornament symbolically attracts prosperity and peace into the life of the new couple. The melange of all these elements coming together is an absolutely stunning look! Immersed in tradition and rituals, the Tamilian wedding ceremony culminates in the bride starting her new life on an auspicious note.

The Telugu bride

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A Telugu bride is the cynosure of everyone’s eyes, as her trousseau is an ode to radiance and beauty. She dons a traditional silk sari in auspicious hues like red, orange, yellow and purple, making for an eye-catching effect. Her head is adorned with a golden headpiece called Papidibilla and she also wears heavy jhumkas, layered necklaces and arm bands or bajubands. One of the most distinctive jewellery pieces worn by a Telugu bride is the Kasulaperu. This is made with a string of gold coins closely set together, with each coin having the auspicious imprint of Goddess Laxmi carved into it. This necklace is inspired by the reliefs of ancient heritage sights at Amravathi and Nagarjunakonda, which gives the jewellery a very rich and opulent look. The bride completes her bridal jewellery with a heavy gold sari belt called the Vadanam. This is one single jewellery piece which is a signature element for a quintessential Telugu bride and is carved in gold, with images of gods and studded with precious and semi-precious stones. A potent visual of beauty and grandeur, the Telugu bride is nothing short of a goddess herself.

The Malayali bride

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Malayali brides are unique for their simple yet elegant, colour palette of their bridal ensemble. Dressed in a sophisticated white silk sari with a heavy plain gold zari border, she stands out for the understated refinement of her sartorial look. She is bedecked in gorgeous gold jewellery with a heavy focus on craftsmanship. Starting from her head, she is adorned with a simple matha patti and ornamental gold earrings, which complement the metallic tones of her outfit. The signature look for a Malayali bride comes from the layers of necklaces, each with distinctive symbolism. One of these is the Kassu mala, which is made with an arrangement of gold coins imprinted with the image of Goddess Laxmi. This necklace is symbolically auspicious and can be worn in varying lengths based on the bride’s taste. Another important necklace worn by a Malayali bride is the mulla mottu, which is made with golden beads inspired by the bud of a jasmine flower. This is a signature piece worn by the bride and is the final necklace in the layering of jewellery. The bride from Kerala is instantly recognizable for her monotone and grand look. Bashful and elegant, she is truly a sight to behold.

The Kannadiga bride

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The Kannadiga bride is an ode to rich and royal grandeur. Draped in the most gorgeous silk sari with grand zari work, she is completely bedecked in golden jewellery. The bridal jewellery she wears is ornate in every sense of the word. Kannadiga brides wear multiple gold necklaces, bangles, earrings, a maangteeka and a gold sari belt. Her trousseau jewellery is iconic and regal, with some necklaces having a special significance. Some of these necklaces worn include the maavinayaki haara, which takes its inspiration from the shape of a mango. Individual golden mango elements are strung together to create this rich looking necklace. Sometimes each mango motif is also studded with a single ruby to symbolize fertility. The theme of fertility continues to another important necklace worn by the bride, simply called the haara. It is very grand and long in length, reaching all the way to the upper-waist. The length of the necklace symbolizes the long duration of her marriage. This necklace features a series of studded gold coins, culminating in a grand pendant that has the Goddess Parvati engraved on it. An interesting detail is that the goddess is created in a pose that has all her children sitting on her lap. This symbolizes the bride’s fertility and is an auspicious symbol of her future motherhood. The Kannadiga bride is stately and magnificent in her traditional garb.

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