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Looks we love – The contrast blouse trend for South-Indian brides

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect bridal look. Many South Indian brides opt to wear a traditional silk sari for their wedding. How do you embrace tradition, while also creating a fashion moment? A fashion trend embraced by these brides is to pair the sari with a blouse in a contrasting colour. Here are some amazing contrast-blouse looks created by brides that are stylish and original.

  1. Embroidered cobalt blue blouse, paired with a pink and gold brocade sari

Image source: Southindianbrides;

This gorgeous bride looks stunning in this high contrast combination. Her blouse really stands out on its own, while highlighting the golden blush tones of her bridal sari. The deep blue shade of the sari blouse is a perfect complement to the embroidery on the sleeves. Overall, the effect is dramatic and grand.

2. Golden yellow silk blouse, paired with a red and gold georgette silk sari

Image source: Southindianbrides;

This bride has chosen a traditional shade of red and gold for her bridal sari. She brings in an element of radiance with a contrasting blouse. The blouse is in a shade of golden yellow and adds a glamorous glow to the bride.

3. Royal purple silk blouse, paired with a yellow and gold brocade silk sari

Image source: Southindianbrides;

An intense shade of purple silk used in the sari blouse, elevates this bridal look to new heights. The dark and majestic tones of this blouse bring out the shimmering gold hues of the bridal sari. It also provides the perfect juxtaposition for the wedding jewellery to be showcased better. The purple blouse with a yellow gold silk sari makes it a winning combination.

4. Parrot green brocade silk blouse, paired with a rani pink and gold brocade silk sari

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Parrot green and pink is a classic Indian colour combination and this bride has used these colours to style her wedding look perfectly. The rich green contrasts the golden pink to perfection. It creates just the right milieu for the bride’s jewellery and adds an element of grandeur to the bride.

5. Intense blue silk blouse, paired with pink and gold brocade sari

Image source: Lightbucketproductions;

This bride is a vision of Indian beauty in her wedding regalia. Her blouse features a royal shade of blue which has been paired with a pink and gold sari. The high contrast combination of the blouse and sari draw attention to the top half of the bride. The result is that you can admire her beautiful face and bridal jewellery better.

6. Embroidered bright red silk blouse paired with a white and gold brocade sari

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A white and gold bridal sari finds its perfect match, with this sindoor red sari blouse. This bride looks angelic in the stark purity of the white, while the embroidered red blouse adds the appropriate bridal grandeur. This combination is a perfect example of the contrast sari blouse trend.

7. Embroidered burgundy silk blouse with a gold brocade sari

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A muted golden brocade sari is complemented with a darker shade of sari blouse. A high contrast grouping creates a stylish effect and enhances the bride’s beauty. We love the way that the different tone of the blouse creates a visual juxtaposition for all the golden elements… be it the sari or the jewellery.

Your bridal ensemble will always be an iconic style moment. It will forever be immortalized in photographs and memories that last a lifetime. Adding an imaginative and creative element to your wedding trousseau will add that X-factor to your wedding day. Get inspired and try out this wonderful trend!

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