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How to spot a fake designer lehenga

The quintessential bridal lehenga is the star of any trousseau. It is the showstopper among all the various looks worn by an Indian bride and is chosen with much care. The holy grail of lehengas is a designer lehenga made by one of the famous couturiers of Indian ethnic wear. If you’re going to invest in one such piece, you must be sure to know how to make sure that the lehenga you’re buying is an original designer creation. There are many ways to do your own quality assurance check and we’re here with the checklist…

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1. Labels, tags and packaging

Be sure to check the labels and tags on the lehenga before buying it. All designers have a particular logo or font, which is a part of their brand identity. Do your homework and research on what the labels of particular designers look like, so you won’t have a sliver of doubt when you check them on your lehenga. The same goes for the packaging too. Designer lehengas are packed in luxurious boxes bearing their logo. If the shopkeeper gives you your designer lehenga with basic packaging, don’t waste your money on buying it.

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2. Fabric quality

Designer lehengas are made from the most luxurious materials and high-quality fabrics. They almost never use synthetic fabrics and the feel of the material is always sumptuous and soft. Lehengas and their blouses are always lined and it’s important to check the fabric used in the lining as well. A designer lehenga would be lined with silk and there is no compromise on quality even on the inside of the garment. So, a grand, plush feel will continue on the inside as well!

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3. Finishing

Finishing is an important aspect of any designer garment. By this, we mean what the garment looks like from the inside. The seams will never be left raw or even over-locked. The lehenga and blouse should look just as beautifully stitched on the inside as it does on the outside. Especially the blouse or choli will be a dead giveaway if the outfit is a replica or fake. Concealed seams and zero puckering are the hallmark of a well-made lehenga.

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4. Embroidery

Embroidery is the way a lehenga comes to life. It provides embellishment and opulence to the bridal ensemble, so it’s very important to get this element perfect. Pay attention to the embroidery on the lehenga and the neatness of each stitch. Designer lehengas have stellar quality when it comes to the embroidery. There will never be loose threads or loose beads hanging clumsily. Designer lehengas are created with minute attention to detail, so be sure to look out for any slip-ups.

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5. Colour ways

If the lehenga you like is available in a number of colour ways, then chances are that it is a fake. Designers very rarely make a lehenga in many different colour combinations. They know that a discerning bride is looking for exclusivity from them and so they restrict the number of ways a design is repeated. In fact, the designers tend to favour a particular shade or colour palette for each new collection they design. So, if the lehenga you have your eye on is available in every shade of the rainbow, it’s highly likely that it is in fact a fake.

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6. Name game

It is normal protocol by fashion designers to give each of their lehengas a particular name. If you are doubtful about the authenticity of a lehenga, be sure to ask the name of the lehenga they wish to sell to you.  A quick online search of that name will reveal all you need to know about that lehenga and its construction details. Every year the collections release by designers are unique and you will easily be able to place the year and season that particular lehenga was created.

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Although it may take you some time to find the perfect lehenga that matches all your expectations, you’ll need to be sure that you’re getting what you paid for. With a little planning and some research you will make your trousseau dreams come true!

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