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How to choose the perfect sleeve length based on your body type

Millennial women will agree that fashion is all about flattering silhouettes and your wedding day look should be no exception. Whether a bride chooses to wear a lehenga, sari or gown she can highlight her best side by choosing the right sleeves for her outfit. The sleeves you choose can be long or short, spaghetti straps or halters, off-the-shoulder drama or cap sleeved playfulness…. whatever you decide on will ultimately play a big role in defining your figure. Trust us when we say that you need to understand your body type before you plan your trousseau.

Hourglass shape

Women with an hourglass body type have curves in the right places and are generally blessed with ideal body proportions. In this case the bust and hip are approximately the same size, with a narrow waist. While most styles suit the hourglass shape, some women prefer to play down their curves at a wedding. If this is the case, slim down your curves by opting for a sleeveless halter neck blouse which will draw attention to your shoulders instead of the bust-line. Alternately you could wear a blouse or top with longer sleeves up to elbow level. This is a conservative silhouette and more in keeping with the tone of traditional wedding ceremonies and functions. Both styles of sleeves provide a really easy way to soften your curves.

A sleeveless halter neck tones down the curves of an hourglass figure

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Longer sleeves worn at traditional ceremonies are suitable for an hour-glass figure

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Diamond shape

This kind of body type carries weight mostly in the midriff area. The upper and lower body tends to be thinner in comparison. Brides with a diamond shaped body should highlight their arms, so they can choose between full sleeves or sleeveless. These opposing styles work best to lengthen the arms and make the silhouette appear leaner. Attention is drawn away from the waistline and draws the eyes towards the arms instead.

Full length sleeves draw the eyes towards the arms

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A strappy sleeveless silhouette lengthens the arms and makes the figure look leaner

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Pear shape

Pear shaped figures are the most common body type among Indian women. This type of figure has somewhat narrower shoulders and bust-line leading to wider and curvier hips. This body type is also known as a triangle because the body is narrower on the top and wider at the bottom. Opt for cap sleeves to balance the hip and shoulder proportions of a pear shape. Cap or mega sleeves make the shoulders look wider and visually balance out the narrowness of the upper body. Alternately cold-shoulder style sleeves look very on-trend and stylish on a pear shaped body. This style of sleeves has interesting detailing which showcases the shoulders and draws attention to them.

Cap or mega sleeves balance out the proportions of a pear silhouette

Image source: Theethnicindianchic;

Cold shoulder sleeves look modern and flatter a pear shaped body

Image source: Afashionistasdiaries;

Apple shape

Apple shaped figures are characterized by a fuller torso. This means that the upper body (shoulders and bust) is about the same size as the waist and hips. The apple silhouette has a less defined waistline, but leaner arms and legs.

The most flattering sleeve length for this kind of figure is full sleeves or short sleeves (which end a few inches above the elbow). Full sleeves give a lengthening effect and will flatter an apple shape. Alternately a medium length of sleeve also suits this body type, as the forearms tend to be leaner and showcasing them is a good idea.

Full length sleeves suit an apple shaped figure

Image source: Afashionistasdiaries;

Medium length sleeves showcase the forearms

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Rectangle shape

Rectangular figures have the waist, hip and shoulder widths in similar measurements. They tend to be usually on the slim side and do not have a defined waistline. They usually have long and thin arms and legs. Create the illusion of curves by opting for sleeves in an off- shoulder style. This silhouette makes the shoulders seem broader than the waistline. Alternately, cap length sleeves also suit rectangular shaped figures. This also makes the upper torso seem wider in comparison.

Off-shoulder sleeves suit a rectangular shaped figure

Image source: Afashionistasdiaries;

Cap sleeves are very flattering for a rectangular body

Image source: Afashionistasdiaries;

Whatever your body type, when you choose your outfit consider your comfort and personal style above all else. You need to enjoy the clothes you wear so opt for something that is flattering and you can also have fun in!

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