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Checklist to help you choose the perfect ensemble for your engagement ceremony

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Can’t decide on what to wear for your engagement photos? You’re not alone. There are many variables to an engagement ceremony and finding the perfect ensemble can be challenging. An engagement ceremony can be traditional or modern. It can include friends and family, or be a private affair. It’s important to put together looks that feel a hundred percent right. Before you go shopping, consider these points to help a bride-to-be clarify her vision, for her engagement ceremony outfit.

  1. Mood of the engagement ceremony

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An engagement ceremony can be a grand or intimate affair. It can be held with a large reception or an intimate gathering of close family. Sometimes the engagement is celebrated in a fun and casual way with friends, at a party. Modern Indian couples are open to exploring options for an engagement ceremony as it doesn’t bear the burden of strict traditions and rituals. Figure out the mood for your betrothal day and you will have an idea of the outfit you will need. It will surely narrow down the options and you can be better prepared going forward.

2. Flatter your body type

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Most brides-to-be are well versed with online research for ensemble ideas. However, it’s imperative to understand your own body type before you decide on the perfect silhouette. What may look great on one person may not suit another. An engagement ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to showcase you, so be sure to gauge your body type accurately. Clothing looks best when it fits properly and accentuates your best features. Understand your body shape and choose a style that highlights your assets and flatters you best.

3. Think about the season

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Fabrics play an important role in creating a fabulous engagement ensemble. You can choose the right fabrics based on the season. It will also ensure that you’re comfortable and free to enjoy the moment without feeling too hot or too cold. Fabrics like tulle, chiffon and lace work best for summer. Winter-time calls for heavy silks, brocades and velvet. Considering the weather will also help you decide on the style of your outfit in terms of necklines and sleeve length. All these elements will combine together and help you create the most perfect engagement ceremony outfit.

4. Colour palette that compliments your partner’s outfit

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Since you are planning your sartorial choices for an engagement ceremony, do remember that you will be viewed as a couple. Your new fiancé will play an important role in complimenting how you look so plan on a colour palette that works as a pair. While some couples may like to exactly match each other, it might be a better idea to wear shades that work in combination. Your engagement ceremony will be photographed and you should keep in mind how your ensembles will work in those pictures too. Colour palette will play a crucial role in the visual appeal of those photographs, so do keep that in mind.

5. Day or night

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The choice of styling and colour palette will also depend on whether your engagement ceremony is being held in the daytime or after sunset. A daytime look will involve lighter shades and subtle shimmer elements, while an evening look will need more intense shades with more sparkling elements. This is an important point to consider because your outfit will be seen in context to the lighting during the occasion.

6. Opportunity for self-expression

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As said earlier, an engagement ceremony allows for some freedom in terms of outfit selection. You could go for elegant charm, bohemian cool or total diva glam. This is an opportunity for you to explore your personal fashion taste, without worrying about traditional rules. This will also be an ensemble you will be able to wear on numerous future occasions as well. Unlike the bridal outfit at the wedding, it will be possible to don your engagement outfit on other instances, so choose wisely.

An engagement is the first step towards a lifetime together. You’re about to start your life together with the partner of your dreams and your engagement ensemble should be just as dreamy.

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