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How to plan the perfect dessert menu for your wedding buffet

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Desserts and sweets are a major element of Indian wedding cuisine. There’s no arguing that the dessert menu can be both the most fun and the most puzzling element of planning your wedding menu. There are a myriad of options and it can be confusing to choose the right selection. From crowd-pleasing favourites to trendy new desserts, we will explain elements which will help you plan the perfect dessert menu for your wedding buffet.

  1. Start with the classics

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The foundation for a good dessert table is to include evergreen favourites. These can include Indian and western desserts. These will be the starting point for building the rest of the menu. This can include crowd favourites like moti-choor ladoo or Bengali sweets, to chocolate-based desserts. Delight your guests with these classic creations and watch their eyes light up.

2. Seasonal fresh-fruit touch

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Whichever month of the year you have your wedding, there will be a selection of seasonal fruits available. Include one or more dessert dishes that incorporate fresh seasonal fruits. This will add a nice touch to your dessert menu and bring in an element of freshness.

3. Dessert trends and quirky touches

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Food trends are a major influencer in creating new-age dessert options. Trending or quirky desserts will definitely add that ‘talked about’ value to the wedding buffet. For example, you could have paan flavoured ice cream or sweet samosas, filled with dry fruits or dates. To accomplish this at your wedding, start by discussing options with your caterer and don’t add too many experimental items. Be sure to taste these creations before approving them for your final wedding day.

4. Personal favourites

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Consult your spouse-to-be and include both of your favourite desserts in the menu. You can even have the caterer mark those particular items in the buffet as the bride and groom’s favourite. Let the menu resonate with you personally, so that your guests can enjoy something that’s unique to your palette.

5. Live counter

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Include one item in the dessert menu that can be created at a live counter or station. This can include anything from ice cream sundaes, waffles or a kulfi-falooda stand. Having a separate live station injects some fun and energy into the wedding and also the menu. Anything with an interactive element is a good idea because not only is it fun to watch, but the smell and the final taste of the sweet dessert is to die for.

6. Mini desserts

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Bring out the child in your wedding guests by including a selection of mini desserts. Mini desserts are single servings of a variety of desserts. Served in little cups or bowls, this is a great way for your guests to try out numerous sweet creations. It’s a lovely and decadent way to indulge your guests. Nothing is more satisfying than mini cups of desserts, lined up for your guests to indulge in. Honestly, the dessert is the best part of a wedding buffet, so take your time to plan it well. With a little care and imagination, the dessert menu is something your guests will be sure to talk about for years to come.

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