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Food bar ideas that will elevate your wedding buffet

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If there’s one thing wedding guests look forward to, it’s the food. A well-planned wedding menu can make a great wedding into an extraordinary one. Every bridal couple aspire to host their guests in a way that will leave a lasting impression on the invitees. In an Indian wedding the profile of guests ranges from friends and family to colleagues and neighbours. It’s important to give these people a great food experience. These days, creating a mouth-watering menu is all about variety and presentation. You can elevate your wedding buffet by embracing the trend of including a food bar. A food bar makes the experience of a buffet far more interesting and interactive. The trick to a great food bar is to decide on a universally appealing theme or category and plan accordingly. We have some ideas to inspire your wedding buffet plans.

1. An ice cream sundae bar

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The universal appeal of an ice cream sundae is undeniable. As part of the wedding buffet you could include a live station for making ice cream sundaes. This could feature a selection of ice creams and toppings where guests can have a customized sundae or choose from a menu. This is an almost fool-proof idea to satisfy your guests as they get to choose the flavour and textures, which they personally prefer in an ice cream sundae. Options for topping could include traditional elements like chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream, but can also include whimsical choices like seasonal fruits, waffles, jelly candies and cookies. The guests would have a customized experience through the process and in a sense take ownership for their very own ice cream creation.

2.A chocolate bar

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If you and your fiancé love chocolate then why not feature it on your wedding menu, in an exclusive way. A chocolate bar can feature a distilled version of desserts and culinary creations in cocoa, to please even the fussiest chocoholic. This food bar will serve all things chocolate like made-to-order hot chocolate, chocolate desserts, cakes and even a chocolate fountain. You could have a selection of fresh fruit, marshmallows, cakes and cookies on long toothpicks for your guests to dip in the chocolate fountain. This will be a hit with guests of all ages and put them in a great mood.

3.A tapas bar

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Inspired by Spain’s love for miniature fine dining treats, a tapas bar is a hip gourmet option for your wedding buffet. A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine and is served in two options of cold (think cheese, olives, cold cuts) or hot (includes garlic shrimp, crispy fried potatoes and croquets). Starting in Spain, tapas menus have evolved globally into a more sophisticated cuisine. The flavour profile of tapas is a combination of fresh ingredients and Mediterranean preparations, served in smaller portions, in a diverse selection. Your wedding guests will be sure to enjoy the large variety of flavours and have fun trying each of them.

4. An Indian street food bar

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Indians love street food, so why not include a section serving it in your wedding buffet. Some of the most mouth-watering dishes that India has to offer are served on the streets by local vendors. Think delectable paani puri, samosas, chaats, aloo tikki and pav bhaji. These can be served at your wedding, in a creative way with a colourful Indian theme to decorate that part of the buffet. These lip-smacking goodies in sweet and spicy variants will be a major crowd pleaser and you will have some very happy guests. Everyone likes their chaat a certain way, so have a live counter with all the ingredients displayed, so guests can customise their chaat dishes.

5. A fruit fiesta bar

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Healthy, fresh and juicy fruits can be the star of their own section at your wedding. Health awareness is a major trend and you can give your guests a combination of great taste and wellness with this food bar. Imagine a selection of fresh fruits in a variety of colours and flavours served as fruits salad cups, smoothies and juices. You can make it a little more decadent with options of toppings like whipped cream, dry fruits, honey and chocolate sauce. In addition, you could display a smoothie and juice menu for your guests to choose from. Nourishing and delicious these fruity preparations will be a welcome surprise. Your guests can indulge in some yummy preparations without any guilt!

Although variety is a key ingredient in a wedding buffet, it’s also important to focus on quality and taste. A good idea would be to feature a menu that reflects your personal palette as a couple. Serve the kind of food you both enjoy, so you’ll be able to guide your caterer accurately. Presentation is also a major aspect of a successful buffet, so don’t forget to plan that too. A few extra touches will go a long way to create the right impression on your guests.

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