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Creative ideas for bridal portraits

When you plan your wedding pictures, a big part of the album is dedicated to bridal portraits. These pictures include images of the bride in all her wedding finery. The groom is sometimes a part of these portraits in a subtle way, but the focus is on the bride. Apart from the wedding ceremony, these portrait-style images need some planning. A touch of creativity and some preparation can make your wedding portraits really pop. We have some imaginative ideas to elevate your pictures.  Read on for suggestions for some milieus, backgrounds and poses for a bride to include in her wedding portraits. Apart from the obvious kind of shots, we will explore some creative ways for a bride to be photographed on her wedding day.

  1. Tropical foliage as a background

Image source: lightbucketproductions;

Tropical plants can create an interesting background to be photographed against. Natural foliage is pleasing to the eye and also creates a marvellous texture as a background. The green tones of the leaves also provide the perfect background shade for Indian bridal colours.

2. Dramatic light and shadow

Image source: lightbucketproductions;

For a variation to the classic fully lit bridal portrait, consider some dramatic play of light and shadow. This style of photograph is very eye-catching as it plays on the high contrast of bright and dark elements in the same frame. The part of the frame that is lit captures the gorgeous details of the bride’s face and jewellery. This type of shot is an artistic take on bridal photography.

3. Close-up of bride’s face looking over the groom’s shoulder

Image source: amritphotography;

A close-up shot is a wonderful way to showcase the beauty of a bride on her wedding day. To add an element of romance the bride can photographed while looking over the groom’s shoulder. This symbolizes the groom’s protection and the bride’s trust in her new husband.

4. Bride being photographed by her girl-gang, with added focus on details of bridal hairstyle

Image source: amritphotography;

A bride is styled to perfection, so much so that even when perused from the back she is an image of flawlessness. This clever shot achieves a dual purpose of documenting the bride’s girl gang and also captures the details of the bride’s hairstyle. In addition, this is done in a fun way, where the girl gang is shown using their phone in a playful way to photograph the bride. Even though the bride’s face is not seen she is very much the centre of attention in this image.

5. Jigsaw style portrait created with phone screens

Image source: zo_wed;

This image is a unique and innovative way to capture the bride in all her glory. Using the camera screen of smart phones, a jigsaw style photograph is created. Moreover the smartphones are held by the bride’s friends, whose hands have been decorated in mehendi for the wedding. This shot is relatively east to create, while also being a highly creative image.

6. Eclipse-style silhouette shot

Image source: Amritphotography;

If you are looking for stylized variations to the main bridal portrait, then this shot is a must-add to the collection. Shot with a light source right behind the bride, this image captures the shadow silhouette of the bride in all her finery. Even though you cannot see the details of the bride, she is clearly recognizable. This is a dramatic picture that’s sure to be a favourite in the album.

7. Zoomed-in shot of bride’s mehendi hands as she holds the groom’s torso

Image source: shaadiwish;

The hands of an Indian bride are carefully decorated for the wedding ceremony. From the mehendi to the jewellery, the bride’s hands on her wedding day need to be documented for posterity. What better way to shoot them than in a way that is symbolic of the forever bond between the bride and groom? A zoomed-in shot of the bride’s hands as she gently clasps the groom’s torso, is the perfect way to do this.

8. Mirror reflection shot

Image source: lightbucketproductions;

A large mirror is a great prop to use in a bridal portrait. Whether the bride is looking at her reflection or not, a mirror provides the chance for a dual perspective in the same photograph. Both the front and back of the bride are visible in the same frame and all the details of the bride’s trousseau are seen. This shot is a definitive way to capture a bride in a 360degree fashion.

9. Persian carpet as a background

Image source: amritphotography;

A sure way to add some opulence to your bridal portrait is to have an interesting background. Rather than opting for a plain backdrop, choose to have an intricate Persian carpet instead. Select a high-quality carpet, in tones that compliment your bridal ensemble. This will add a touch of antique luxury to your bridal pictures.

10. Architecture milieu

Image source: zo_wed;

If you wish to add visual depth and perspective to your bridal portrait, nothing beats an architecture milieu. Whether you choose archways, pillars or a staircase, architectural elements can really enhance a photograph. You could choose features from your home or wedding venue, to include in the bridal portrait. Depending on the style of architecture, these elements will also add to the overall mood of the picture.

Your wedding pictures will capture memories of a lifetime and, as the bride, you are the star of this day. When you decide on a wedding photographer, be sure to discuss your expectations and ideas in detail. Have a mix of classic and creative pictures so you have the right blend of photographs. Go with what appeals to you and you’ll have the perfect bridal portraits.

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