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Make-up tips for the winter bride

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So you’re going to be a winter bride! While a winter setting is very charming, it does come with a few functional challenges. You may think about styling your trousseau to stay warm, but you need to consider your bridal make-up too. As the temperature dips, your beauty regime will need to keep up with challenges of colder weather. You need to change the way you care for your skin and prep your face for make-up. We’ve got some amazingly simple tips to ensure you glow and keep up the glam quotient through your winter wedding.

1.Hydrate on the inside-out

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Great make-up starts with a great canvas, which is your skin. Using a heavy moisturizer might seem like an obvious step to winter skincare, you need to bring the same awareness to what you eat and drink too. Winters can make skin notoriously dry and inflamed, so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy fats. The colder climate may fool you into thinking that you’re not thirsty but be sure to keep track of your water intake. A minimum of eight big glasses of water a day is preferred. Your skin needs some extra nourishment too, so load up on healthy fats which are high in Omega3. Avocados, walnuts, flax seeds and fatty fish (like salmon) are all excellent options to meet your requirements. If you’re a little lazy about nutrition, be sure to add an Omega 3 supplement to your regime.

2. Winter-proof your skin

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Skin care is an important factor to look gorgeous during your wedding. Winter causes skin troubles like dryness, flaking and inflammation. A bit of due diligence in the weeks leading to the wedding will ensure you have fabulous skin. Moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly in the weeks leading up to the wedding as this will renew the top layer of your skin and enhance your complexion. Opt for facial acids like a glycolic acid toner for gentle exfoliation and a moisturizer to match your skin type. You could also schedule a series of weekly facials in the month leading to your wedding day.

3.Primer to the rescue

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Make-up primers come in many avatars and it’s crucial to get the one that suits your skin and the weather. A good primer prepares the perfect canvas for your base and will help even out the tone and texture of your skin. Choose a primer that does double duty of nourishing and smoothening skin tone. A hydrating primer with vitamins would be an ideal choice. If you are considering a primer that has shimmer in it, do check that the shimmer elements are microscopically small. This will make your skin have an illuminated glow, rather than a glittery finish.

4. Be the blush…ing bride

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A winter bride should aspire for a healthy pinkish glow for her make-up. Blush can be a wonderful ally in attaining this healthy and rosy cheeked effect. Avoid a powder blush, especially if it has shimmering elements in it. A powder blush will suck out moisture from our skin and make it look flat and cakey. The idea is to give an effect of naturally healthy skin. Opt for a cream or mousse blush in shades of pink. And then be sure not to overdo it, as it will not look flattering. Blush also needs to be blended in seamlessly for a perfect look.

5. Dry lips are un-invited

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In winter weather, lips need to be conditioned and kept supple. It’s simply not enough to just lather on chapstick before applying your lipstick. You need to condition your lips, so they don’t dry out. To achieve soft and luscious lips exfoliate your lips with a simple combination of sugar and coconut oil. The night before your wedding, gently massage your lips with this mixture and leave it on for five minutes. Wipe it off with a warm wash cloth and then proceed to put on a lip mask. You could use a sheet mask for lips or apply a sleeping mask meant for lips. This will ensure that the skin on your lips really soak in moisture and hydrate the skin cells to the max.

6.Shine on

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A winter bride should glow and shine. The final touch to your make-up is to use a hydrating highlighter. A flat matte finish to your bridal make-up simply doesn’t work. You need to showcase your complexion and highlight your bone structure. A high-end highlighter will work really well in achieving this. A touch of this product on your cheek bones, jaw bone and brow bone will really make you pop for the right reasons.

7.Set your make-up

An experienced make-up artist will be sure to set your make-up with a setting spray. However, you must discuss this in advance and test out different setting products because some of them can dry out your skin. A good setting spray will make sure your glow lasts through the many hours it will take for your wedding ceremony.

As you prepare for your winter wedding, be sure to make time to relax. Stress can play havoc with your hormones and your sleep. Lack of sleep and wonky hormones can play havoc on your skin, so try your best to avoid these pitfalls. Collaborate with your make-up artist and share picture references of what you expect your bridal look to be. After all the many months of planning, it’s finally your big day, so just enjoy yourself!

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