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How to choose your bridal make-up artist for your wedding

A bride’s make-up artist is an important ally in her quest for bridal immortality. A bride’s face is the cynosure of every wedding guest and is the star of the photographs. It’s not a bright idea to choose a make-up artist on reputation alone. A prudent bride will follow a few well-planned steps to profile and then shortlist the perfect make-up artist for you. Wondering what these steps are? Let us reveal the ways and criteria to find just the right professional for your bridal make-up.

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  1. Availability

Checking for availability of a make-up artist might seem obvious, but the trick is to block your make-up artist’s dates as soon as possible. Most weddings are planned months in advance and the really good make-up artists get blocked well ahead of schedule. Weddings tend to happen in a cluster due to auspicious dates, so get down to finding your artist once your dates are set. In addition, if you’re having a destination wedding, then travel time needs to be accounted for, so don’t delay blocking your make-up professional.

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2. Reputation and Portfolio

Before you shortlist a make-up artist, be sure to check their portfolio and ask for client references. A consummate professional would ideally be very transparent, with most of their work listed online on a website and/or on their respective social media accounts. You could also take the initiative to speak to previous brides who have used this particular make-up artist. Choose an artist whose style of make-up closely mirrors your own vision, for your bridal look.

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3. Beauty and make-up products

A truly great make-up artist invests in good quality branded products. You have to be sure to check for the particular make-up products that he or she uses. They should be well known beauty brands that follow international standards. Even the type of make-up brushes and hygiene protocol followed by each make-up artist is different. For example, it’s important that the make-up artist cleans the brushes, sponges and beauty blenders after each use. In addition, these should be made of hypoallergenic materials which won’t cause a bad skin reaction. In case you have any allergies or a special skin condition, be sure to inform the make-up artist in advance.

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4. Personality match

A bride’s final look is the collective outcome of various factors and people. There is a team involved in bringing her finery to fruition. The bride is the axis around which everyone must revolve. The make-up artist works in very close proximity to the bride, so it’s a good idea for them both to like each other. For a smooth and pleasant experience, it’s important to profile the personality and temperament of the make-up artist. As the bride, it’s imperative that you trust and like being around this person. It’s not just about the outcome of the make-up, but the whole experience as well.

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5. Make-up Trial

Before you confirm a particular bridal make-up artist, schedule a trial with your shortlisted group of professionals. You can also share references and images of bridal make-up looks that you like. There may be a token fee involved for the trial, but this is a wise investment as you will know exactly how you will look, on your wedding day. Do remember to document the trial by taking pictures and notes. You will be in no doubt, about the look and feel of your bridal make-up. A trial will help the make-up artist set the right expectation and for you to be reassured of your plans. It will also make the selection process easy and clear. Post the trial, a good make-up artist will also advise you on your particular skin type and the kind of prep you need before your wedding. This will help you plan treatments and a skin care regime, which will help enhance your natural beauty.

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6. Budget and pricing

Creating the right budget for your bridal make-up involves a bit of research. It’s necessary to know what other brides have paid for similar services, so you can allocate the necessary budget. Communicate your estimate with the make-up artist and try to negotiate a reasonable rate. Be respectful in your style of bargaining, as many good make-up professionals might not be flexible on pricing. Most make-up artists charge by the day, but since a wedding is held over a few days, so you can try and negotiate for a package rate.

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7. Paperwork

When you have chosen a make-up artist, chances are there may be a token amount paid as an advance. This is standard practice to block the dates of a make-up artist. However, there could be unforeseen situations like family emergencies or illness which may prevent the make-up artist from working on your wedding day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to document your agreement with a basic contract, via e-mail. This will stand as a reference and as proof of your mutual agreement with the make-up artist. The contract should cover points like professional fees agreed on, payment schedule, cancelation protocols and wedding date confirmation. This will ensure a seamless experience for you both.

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